Parents used the internet for online kid’s clothes so that they could buy new clothes for boys, but now since the technology has become so advanced they even the toddlers have learned how to use the internet and can order stupid stuff on their own now without even knowing what it’s for.

Many young girls who like to buy new dresses for themselves have surprised their mothers with girls new dresses in Pakistan after ordering them online.

But we are here to talk about the negative and positive impacts of technology on children.

While millennials used the technology for their ease and to save time and energy and the internet for research purpose mainly, Gen z have found new and creative ways to use it. 

There are two aspects to everything, positive and negative. Let’s take a look at both:

The Positive Impact Of Technology:

The Positive Impact Of Technology On Children

Advancements in technology have opened new doors for learning. Children have access to all the information in the world, they can use the latest device at fairly affordable rates and not only save time and energy but also perform the task more efficiently than it could be done manually.

Technology has lent an extra to the children and parents, in the study and recreational activities.

It’s easier to find online kids clothes, parents can find clothes for their children online and buy them without going through the trouble of taking their child to the market and tolerating their tantrums.

The Internet has made shopping easier for all of us, finding new clothes for boys, comparing their price and size, checking the latest trends for girls new dresses in Pakistan from the comfort of one’s home is a solution that not only the children but parents also benefit from

The Negative Impact Of Technology:

The Negative Impact Of Technology On Children

While technology has made our life easier, it has also made us lazy.

Children indulge less in physical activities and prefer spending their time on the internet all day, instead of going out for playing kids prefer sitting in front of the screen all day playing video games or watching series/cartoons or live streaming. While technology may be contributing to their brain development, it has limited their physical activity and ability to learn from experimenting on their own.